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Digitally Transforming Organizations

Analyzing cost, required compliances, and efficiencies to connect companies to the most beneficial IT solutions

We offer free consultations to assess your business needs and goals
Our solutions architects & engineers design solutions unique to your needs
We deliver long-term and reliable IT solutions that align with your goals
We manage, maintain and monitor your network, ensuring it's secure


We help you conquer your technology roadmap. Our certified engineers are dedicated to finding best-in-class solution at the best price, while creating a seamless implementation process from start to finish, and beyond. Our team is able to equip IT professionals with in-depth provider market research to help with vendor selection, often times shifting dollars back into our clients IT budgets.

We offer strategy and consulting, interactive technology, hardware, and operations services—all powered by a large network of industry-leading technology solutions.


Strategy & Consulting

Offering an honest evaluation of your IT environment with customized strategy


Cloud Computing, Connectivity, Storage, Migrations, SaaS Management, and more


Premise Systems, CRM Integration, CCaaS Integration, Collaboration, Voice, Text, and more


Offering cyber consulting to identify, as well as protect, detect, and respond to cyberattacks

SD-WAN & Private Networking

Connectivity Strategy, Managed Wifi, Security, Remediation, and more

Data Center Solutions

Assistance in making the best infrastructure decisions, from colocation to IaaS and PaaS


Finding the best new & refurbished hardware from our trusted network of suppliers

Managed IT

Saving you time in finding the best outsourcing solution at the best price


Allow us to help you conquer your technology roadmap, and show you how much you could be saving within your IT budget.

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About us

Filos, meaning “friend” in Greek, supports our values and mission…to be your best friend in technology. We prioritize honesty, reliability, and going above and beyond to meet your needs. Because that’s what friends do.

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