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UCaaS Digital Transformation

One Platform – Multiple Channels – Endless Possibilities

Unified Communications refers systems that allow companies to access the tools they need for communication through a single application or service. This can also include control, management, and integration of these channels as well. That means companies can use instant messaging, email, faxing, VoIP, video collaboration, and more from the same user interface, enabling more efficient communications among employees, remote offices and customers.

There are various unified communications options for organizations to choose from, with varying benefits. Unified communications as a hosted, managed or usage-based solution has the added benefit of provider-supported maintenance, customer care, and technical support.

Examples of UCaaS benefits:

  • Mobility: Work anytime, anywhere
  • Efficiency: communicate via web, video and audio conferencing from one central system
  • Flexibility: Connect multiple business locations under a single UC platform to easily transfer calls between locations and maintain only one phone system
  • Scalability: Expand without adding expensive equipment or maintenance costs with a hosted phone system in the cloud, with equipment maintenance included
  • Connectivity: Connect and integrate CRMs, Help Desk, and ERP systems
  • Savings: No maintenance costs, and affordable month-to-month contracts

Contact us for a free assessment of your current communications environment. We’ll identify any gaps, areas of improvement and best options for future unified communications and collaboration solutions.

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